Party Benefit


This troop reduces the need to consume food stores by hunting in the local area. Success of the effect is dependent upon the geographical location.

Companions with this ability count as a single hunter, but increase the chance of a successful hunt by additional 3-9% per point of Tracking based on the current terrain.


  • This ability is unlocked by Baheshtur upon reaching level 5
  • The reduction in the number of men to feed from the Chef ability stacks with this effect.
  • Food gathered from hunting does not convey a morale bonus. You still retain the normal morale bonus obtained based on the variety of foods that you, or your Storekeeper, are carrying.

How Hunting Works

Number of Hunters: The first thing figured is how many troops there are within the party that have this ability and would actively be able to hunt during the day.

Abundance of Game: Based upon the area each hunter will add a 1-3% chance to making a successful hunt. In sparse areas, such as the desert, it will only be 1%. In abundant areas, such as forests, then this becomes 3%. Companions provide for three times the normal troop benefit per point of Tracking.

Food Provided: Provided that the hunt was successful then it is considered a success for every hunter as an "all or nothing" check. Each hunter provides for 7 troops effectively reducing the number of mouths to feed by that value. An all or nothing check was used for simplicity and to cut down on processing needs for such a simple function.