Captain of the Guard

Charged with holding defense of your keep and maintaining peace in its surrounding lands, the Captain of the Guard serves as your single point of contact for dealing with regional patrols or improving your garrison. As the expense for these defensive measures is ever an issue, the Captain also holds the current access to the Treasury.

Ability 1

The CotG allows you access for deposits, withdrawals and altering allocations to the castle treasury.

Ability 2

You can access the advisor's character sheet and assign books to read.

Ability 3

You can setup or dismiss a regional patrol and inquire about their status.

Ability 4

Garrison Recruitment is enabled or disabled by speaking to the Captain of the Guard.

Ability 5

Garrison Training is enabled or disabled by speaking to the Captain of the Guard. Additionally the Captain handles setting up the training preferences for each troop to designate which paths it should upgrade to.


  • Garrison Training: A guard captain improves the funding efficiency of training garrison troops by 10% per rank of Training.
  • Improvement (Training Grounds):
    • Replaces the standard 3% cost decrease in training new troops with a reduction equal to the captain's Training skill.
    • Improves the chance of upgrading a peasant troop to a veteran by 0.3% per rank of the training skill.