Character Options

As you enter character creation you will be faced with a plethora of options for tailoring your personal character.  Do you want to start out as a poor thief, offspring of a warrior or lord?  Do you want to have trained for diplomacy, education or for wresting away people's hard earned money with your silver tongue?  Do you want to have had experience squiring for a Noble or for rampaging around with bandits?

Character Creation - small

Browse the options offered and flesh out your characters beginnings, education, training, experience and even the reason for starting your new adventure in the world. You will see the effect these choices will have on your new character in the bottom left of the screen as you read through the choices. You may now choose which faction you would like to begin with the mod difficulty and quest difficulty.

Finally, you may choose to have a few companions waiting in the local tavern for you to speak with or to remain with the usual random tavern encounters.

If you're brave, confused or just mad you may, of course, just randomize your character and play the cards you are dealt.

From this point on, the story is yours to continue.