Combat Hampering System

To improve on the difficulty of combat in the field a system for limiting your character's performance based upon your current health was implemented. This limitation affects your movement speed, damage and ranged accuracy as your character deals with the injuries sustained. This system applies to both the player and all AI troops on the field. If these changes prove to be to your disliking or your computer is suffering in performance too much then the entire system can be disabled via the Mod Options page by unchecking the Enable Combat Hampering option. This option is enabled by default.

How Hampering Works

Movement Speed

Base movement speed is reduced by 1% for each 2% of total life you have lost. This reduction in base movement speed also lowers the 100% base used for determining your total speed when sprinting. The Boundless Endurance ability reduces this reduction considerably.


Damage delivered is reduced by 1% for each 3% of total life you have lost.


Ranged accuracy is reduced by 1% for each 4% of total life you have lost.

Special Note

Several troop abilities directly tie into this system. This means if you disable combat hampering then several abilities are also disabled by association.

  • Boundless Endurance - The movement speed benefit of this ability is disabled.
  • Fortitude - Without the hampering system in place this ability serves no benefit.
  • Disciplined - The resistance effect of this ability would serve no benefit.
  • Poisoned Weapons - The hampering effects would no longer take place.