Companion Abilities

Companion ability unlocks

As of v0.15.

As of v0.15 each companion comes with three preset abilities that are unlocked as they level up. These abilities carry a few different themes and further define the kind of fighter that companion represents. Many of these abilities are unique only to companions while some are versions of troop abilities that have enhanced facets when applied to a companion. It is highly beneficial to read how each ability works when planning where to place skill points for this companion.

Ability Themes

Personal Combat

These abilities specifically enhance this companion's combat performance with generally no party application. Examples of this include: Bloodlust, Blademaster, Fortitude and Hardy.

Party Benefit

Abilities in this category apply either a party wide effect in or out of combat or a localized party effect within combat. Examples of this include: Tactician, Trailblazer, Volley Commander and Commanding Presence.

Advisory Role

Companions with these abilities perform in an enhanced capacity when assigned to specific Advisory Roles. These benefits only apply if this companion is slotted into the correct advisor position. Examples of this include: Administrator, Siege General, Engineer and Efficient.

Party Role

Companions using these abilities improve upon the standard Party Roles of Storekeeper, Quartermaster and Gaoler. Examples of this include: Chef, Cargomaster, Quick Study and Useful Contacts.

Ability Unlock Chart

Borcha Nimble Scavenger Useful Contacts
Marnid Quick Study Cargomaster Administrator
Ymira Inspiring Quick Study Administrator
Rolf Hardy Endurance Commanding Presence
Baheshtur Hunter Sharpshooter Master Archer
Firentis Hardy Indomitable Fortitude
Deshavi Trailblazer Sharpshooter Master Archer
Matheld Berserker Boundless Endurance Bloodlust
Alayen Blademaster Commanding Presence Tactician
Bunduk Rapid Reload Boundless Endurance Firing Captain
Katrin Supply Runner Chef Efficient
Jeremus Quick Study Administrator
Nizar Inspiring Watchful Eye Useful Contacts
Lezalit Fortitude Tactician Siege General
Artimenner Shield Basher Tactician Engineer
Klethi Scavenger Poisoned Weapons Sharpshooter
Nissa Sharpshooter Master Archer Volley Commander