Companion Advisors

Beyond serving in your party as a soldier or a specialized role, companions can serve within your castles or towns in an advisory capacity. These positions provide a strategic advantage in that area offering powerful options such as patrols, garrison building and construction queuing. It is not intended that you will fill each advisory position in each keep that you own, instead making a tactical choice of which positions should be filled and when.

While advisors miss out on experience gained as a part of an adventuring party they do gain +10 renown and +250 experience each week up to a maximum of 250 renown. This is because they are dealing with the local merchants and nobility making a minor name for themselves in the political scene as they handle their duties in your name.

Advisor Roles

Castle Steward

The Castle Steward serves as your chief advisor and handles the day to day duties of the keep. The Steward handles improvement construction, holding of tournaments and acts as the hub for Nobility Quests.

Captain of the Guard

The Captain of the Guard serves as your defense minister with control over the Treasury, Regional Patrols, recruitment and training of your garrison.

Assigning Advisors

Before you can assign a companion to an advisory role there are a couple of prerequisites that must be met. Firstly, they must not currently be assigned to any task outside of the party. Second, you must have a valid castle or town in which to station them.

Method 1

By speaking to your Minister you can choose to "Appoint an advisor". This will chain through dialog options to pick which keep, which advisory role and which companion to place in the position. If accepted then the companion will immediately leave your party and take up duty at the new post.

Method 2

Speaking to a companion directly provides the option of "I want you to take an advisory position.". Selecting this will make the companion inquire which advisory role and where it is located. If accepted then the companion will immediately leave your party and take up duty at the new post.

Removing an Advisor

Method 1

The most direct way is to simply speak with the advisor and tell them you wish them to "I wish for you to return to my company.". An advisor removed in this manner will immediately rejoin your party.

Method 2

If you appoint an advisor to an already occupied role using your Minister then the replaced advisor will attempt to rejoin your party immediately. Failing that they'll begin a mission to rejoin the party when possible.

Method 3

If you speak to a companion in your party directly and assign them to take over a position currently assigned to someone else then the replaced advisor will attempt to rejoin the party if it is nearby. If that fails then they will attempt to join your party later and appear as if returning from a mission.

Method 4

If a keep where you have advisors stationed is taken in a siege then the advisors will attempt to flee into the city. Initially they'll take up hiding in the nearby tavern (if in a town) otherwise they'll become unassigned and join the regular tavern rotation until you find them.

Special Notes