Mandatory Conscription

"During times of war it is often necessary for a liege to make service in the kingdom's army an obligation in order to ensure a proper defense for the realm. While this will immediately boost the ranks of a kingdom, it does have a strong impact on the villages left behind with fewer hands to work the fields. It is vital for a ruler to know when to implement such a drastic rule and when to revoke it."

Decree Effects

Game Effects:

  • The number of recruits available in villages is quadrupled.
  • Fief relation is reduced by 3 during each recruitment period.
  • Fief prosperity is reduced by 3 during each recruitment period.

Noble Reactions:

  • Martial lords have a 10% chance to gain 1 relation weekly.

Strategy Notes

  • Leaving this on long term will decimate your kingdom's economy and damage relations.
  • This is most beneficial when you and your vassals have suffered defeat and need to rebuild your armies quickly to fend off an invasion.