A quick bit of Silverstag history that many likely know and is touched on here. The Silverstag project began initially as the Floris Workshop which is only intended as a sandbox mod for me to test new ideas and improvements out in without potentially breaking Floris because I might want to ask what if. With WSE not having been available to support the latest version of warband in mid-late 2012 and the Floris team deciding not to integrate WSE until the release of 2.6 that left my projects that depended on WSE in an unreleasable state. Hence the workshop was initially created to provide an outlet to release things in development and allow testing by folks while we awaited an update to WSE (which came later on) and for the team to have the time to begin full development of Floris 2.6. Unfortunately, the latter never quite became an option and for many good reasons described in Monnikje's last dev diary.

This left me facing a choice of continuing to develop Floris by myself or beginning an uphill climb of turning the fledgling workshop mod into something that could stand on its own. Obviously I chose the latter, but my reasoning is that I wanted to create the new mod incorporating some lessons learned from my part in helping to design Floris by keeping the features as integrated with one another as possible versus Floris' modular design. I think this approach has worked so far, but it definitely left the as yet untouched portions of the mod, such as troops and items, in an inferior state. Dawg of War, on the other hand, was looking to potentially restart construction of the Silverstag mod he has had in the works for some time and with our two projects being at a good juncture we decided instead to turn the workshop into the Silverstag setting.