Health Regeneration

The subject of having a regenerating health is often a bit controversial, but I feel this is often due to it being implemented for the player alone and taking on a magical aspect. The way I view health is more about your morale and ability to fight on vs. your actual life-force. Otherwise at 10% health you should really be lying on the ground awaiting to die, not charging at your next enemy hoping he doesn't nick you for a few points of damage. Viewing health in this manner, I implemented a system where you can improve upon a diminished ability to fight whenever you defeat an opponent. This applies for both the player and the AI based upon your settings in the Mod Options page.

Factors Affecting Health Regeneration

There are several factors that change how much health you regenerate and each are expressed as as change in percentage of total health. So if you should gain 3% then upon defeating an enemy you would restore 3% of your total health.

Base Value

Each type of troop has its own base regeneration value. These types are split by player, companion, lord, king and common. The base value for the player is 3% and that is lower than the other types simply to keep things in balance as the player generally always defeats a great number more opponents in combat.

Party Leader

Troops under the command of someone else gain an additional 1% bonus to regeneration per 2 ranks in Leadership the party leader has. The party leader does not gain this benefit.


Every troop gains an additional 0.25% regeneration for each point of Strength past 10.

Mod Difficulty

Depending upon the mod's difficulty setting you allies and enemies are altered as follows:
  • Easy - Allies gain 3% while enemies lose 4%
  • Normal - Allies and enemies have no change in regeneration due to difficulty.
  • Hard - Allies lose 3% while enemies gain 4%.
  • Very Hard - Allies lose 6% while enemies gain 8%.

Troop Abilities

There are several Troop Abilities that directly impact the amount of regeneration that you gain. Examples of these include: Hardy and Commanding Presence.