Importing / Exporting a Companion

With the release of v0.14 comes the added ability to import or export your companion characters in a similar manner to how your character can be exported and imported. This functionality comes directly from the Custom Commander mod by Rubik.

An exported character has the following information saved for later importing:

How Export or Import a Character

The process for exporting or importing a companion is the same, but the process itself is slightly different from how it would be accomplished for a player. This is because the system effectively has to trick the game into thinking the companion you wish to export/import is the player for the process to work.

Step 1

First you'll need to access the Companion Management System from the camp menu. This will bring up a list of various companion related options.

Step 2

Now select the "Export or import companion history." option. This will bring up a list of all companions in the game, whether you have them in your party or not, but lists them in sections since only so many can fit on one menu.

Step 3

Select the companion you wish to import or export. The "You choose none" description above should now read "You choose <companion name>". If the companion you want isn't on this list then try the next page.

Step 4

Press the 'C' key. This immediately moves you to a character statistics screen for this companion.

Step 5

Click the "Statistics" button. Now you'll see a screen with the kill statistics for this companion and a pair of buttons that give you the options to export or import this character. You won't be able to successfully import a companion if it hasn't been previous exported at some point.

Step 6

Click the "Import Character" or "Export Character" button. You should receive a popup message stating that this character has been exported or imported successfully. You're done.