Escape Tunnels

Construction Requirements & Facts

  • Applicability: Towns & Castles.
  • Building Cost & Time: Building this costs 8,000 denars and takes 53 days to build.


A valiant lord never gives up his fief without a fight, but a wise lord makes sure he has a plan for surviving a losing battle. Building escape tunnels that lead away from your castle gives you a strong chance of escaping undetected from a siege that has gone poorly. These require regular upkeep to ensure they stay usable and are prone to caving in, but in a bad situation they may just keep your neck off of the headsman's block.


  • Grants 85% base chance of escape from a lost siege as a member of the defending side.
  • Requires a weekly upkeep of 50 denars.
  • Prone to cave ins.


  • Each damage state a tunnel has reduces the effectiveness of it providing an escape chance by 15%.