Reinforced Walls

Construction Requirements & Facts

  • Applicability: Towns & Castles.
  • Building Cost & Time: Building this costs 15,000 denars and takes 100 days to build.


While the lords of the realm vie for power, the peasants of the surrounding lands are simply trying to get by. As armies appear on the horizon the safety of a strong, outer city wall can mean the difference between living to replant your fields or failing to see the next sunrise. Reinforced walls reduce the chance of improvements taking damage during sieges, render your improvements immune to critical damage and extend the time to siege a center by 50%.


  • Reduces the chance of improvements within the keep being damaged by 33%.
  • Improvements within this keep are immune to critical damage.
  • The minimum time required to lay siege to this keep is extended by 50%.

Special Notes

  • The chance of reducing damage to improvements within the center stacks with the similar benefit from the Fire Brigade improvement.