Construction Requirements & Facts

  • Applicability: All centers.
  • Building Cost & Time:
    • Building this in a town costs 12,000 denars and takes 100 days to build.
    • Building this in a castle costs 8,000 denars and takes 53 days to build.
    • Building this in a village costs 4,000 denars and takes 27 days to build.


Nearly every army that marches across the face of Calradia desires a strong cavalry such that their forces may break through the lines of their enemies. Inorder to field such a fearsome display of mounted advesaries, though a noble must ensure these animals are cared for and have lodging just like their soldiers. Providing stables increases the capacity for unassigned mounts in a center by 50% and even improves the growth of their ranks by 25%.


  • Increases the amount of unassigned mounts a center can have by 50%.
  • Improves the growth rate of unassigned mounts by 20%.
  • Reduces the cost for training mounted troops within a center you own by 25%.