Mod Difficulty

Apart from the difficulty settings you may set from the main menu for the game itself, there is also a difficulty level for the mod which is available from the Character options window during your initial character creation. Typically the "Normal" setting means that no change in game-play should exist with easy providing advantage to the player and harder difficulties providing advantage to the AI.

Game Factors From Mod Difficulty

Health Regeneration

As difficulty increases the Health Regeneration of your allies will get worse while the regeneration of your enemies will improve.

AI Garrison Reinforcements

As difficulty is increased the quality of troops used to reinforce AI garrisons will also improve.

AI Party Size

The party size for the AI vassals is altered as follows; Easy (-25%), Hard (+20%) and Very Hard (+40%). This alteration applies to all AI parties even if they are a vassal within your kingdom.

Bandit Spawns

As difficulty is improved the maximum limit for bandit parties allowed on the world map is increased.

Lord Escape Chance

As difficulty is improved the chance an AI lord will escape capture after defeat is increased. This is a little different from Native as the base chance of escape (70%) in native was set as the hard option for the mod. The base chances are as follows; Easy (40%), Normal (55%), Hard (Native), Very Hard (85%).

Troop Abilities

Certain abilities, such as Berserker, scale depending on your save game's difficulty setting.