Companion Party Roles

In an effort to alleviate some of the micro-managing that the native game entails companions have had a number of roles designed to take over some of the more mundane tasks related to running a warband. These encompass handling battlefield loot, purchasing more food for your army and handling the sale of prisoners.

Party Roles


The Storekeeper serves as the party's cook handling the purchasing, storage and doling out of food goods.


The Quartermaster serves as the trade master of the party picking up battlefield loot and managing the sale of these goods upon arrival in town.


The Gaoler serves as the group jailer boosting the maximum prisoner capacity of the party and handling the sale of prisoners at the nearest opportunity when a ransom broker is present.


The Vanguard serves as the party scout helping you detect and avoid nearby enemy parties as well as move quicker during night time travel.

Assigning a Party Role

Before you can assign a companion to an advisory role there are a couple of prerequisites that must be met. Firstly, they must not currently be assigned to any other party role. Second, they must meet the minimum prerequisites for that role.

Step 1

First you'll need to access the Companion Management System from the camp menu. This will bring up a list of various companion related options.

Step 2

Pick the "Assign Party Roles." option. This will lead to a Party Assignements selection screen that shows each of the party roles, their currently assigned person and the report text for each role. The default person assigned to each role is the player.

Step 3

Use the dropdown menu next to the title for a role to assign a companion to that position. Only a currently unassigned companion that meets the requirements for the job will allow assignment.

Removing a Companion From a Party Role

Method 1

Using the Party Assignments Screen to assign an occupied role to a different companion or back to yourself will remove that companion from the role and transfer over any relevant items from their inventory to the replacement.

Method 2

Any time that a companion is removed from the party they will automatically be removed from an assigned party role and should turnover their inventory to the player. The player will become the default assignment for that role.

Special Notes

  • Companions assigned to party role will gain a percentage of the money they earn from you as experience. This is generally referenced as them taking their cut.  This cut reduces the money you would have otherwise earned.