Sending Aid

Short Summary

Main Content:
Bring supplies to looted village and defend it.
Quest Giver:
Village Elder
Village Elder Quest Menu
Described in spoiler area.
Cooldown Period: 5 Days
Sending Aid
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Quest Progression

There are three basic stages to this quest.

Stage 1 - The village elder informs you that another village in the nearby area has recently been looted and he's putting together supplies to help them rebuild. The problem is that he doesn't have men available to provide the caravan a proper defense which makes him nervous his efforts will be in vain. Your character will mention that you might be heading in that direction and offer to carry the supplies with your warband. If your relation isn't already greater than 5 with this village then he may not trust you. Unless you have a 5+ honor, 100+ renown and a village relation > -5 then the elder will not trust you and the quest will not begin. If he chooses to let you take the supplies then you'll be requested to travel to the looted village. (NOTE: The supplies are not an actual item.)

Stage 2 - Arriving in the looted village you'll find a new quest option to find the local village elder. Using this will immediately spawn a conversation with the local elder who thanks you for the help. The elder will ask if you will stay in the area to help guard the village which will allow him to pull townsfolk away from defense to repair things quicker. If you're playing on low or medium Quest Difficulty then you'll have the option to end the quest here by declining to stay. This will allow for a successful completion, but at a reduced reward. If you're playing on high difficulty then you'll be required to complete stage 2. During the rest of this stage you'll need to stay very close to the village while repairs are made and keep rogue bandits away. If you stray too far warning messages will spawn letting you know that if you fail to return to the village the quest will fail.

Stage 3 - Once repairs in the village are complete a popup box (if enabled) will appear to let you know to go back and speak with the village elder. The elder now has one last request and that is to escort him safely to the village that sent the supplies. At this point you can decline and you will still successfully finish the quest, but at a reduced reward. If you agree to escort the elder then he will join your party as a companion for the trip. Don't take too long or he'll automatically trigger a conversation letting you know that he's leaving.

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Rewards & Penalties

+400xp (village defense)

+100xp (escorting elder)

+2 relation with initiating village

+1 relation with aided village

+2 honor (all stages)

+800xp (village defense)

+200xp (escorting elder)

+3 relation with initiating village

+2 relation with aided village

+1 right to rule (all stages)

+2 honor (all stages)

+1200xp (village defense)

+300xp (escorting elder)

+4 relation with initiating village

+4 relation with aided village

+2 relation with fief lord

+1 right to rule (all stages)

+2 honor (all stages)

+2 Silverstag Emblems (all stages)

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