Ransom Brokers

Scattered about Silverstag's towns can be found uniquely named individuals with the suffix of "the slaver" who will purchase your prisoners. The value offered for prisoners depends largely upon their level and is figured by the equation below.

$ Base Price = [ (LEVEL + 10)^2 ] / 6 $

This base price is then further altered by the faction's Slavery Domestic Policy for the town the broker is residing in. The less likely the broker was to appear within this town due to how they feel about slavery then the more he is willing to pay for illegal prisoners. In towns where slavery is commonplace then the price for prisoners is reduced.

$ Final Price = (BASE) * (FACTOR) / 100 $

Broker Availability

There are a base number of ten brokers that are slotted within the towns of the realm with their location being shuffled every three days. Each broker is given 26 (the number of towns) attempts to attach to a randomly chosen town. For the broker to reside at this town it must not already have an assigned broker and the availability chance for the owning faction must be met.

This availability chance is directly altered by a faction's Slavery Domestic Policy. The following chart describes the availability chance and slavery price factors. To see the policy settings for individual factions visit their own pages.

Commonplace 100% -30%
Accepted 45% -15%
Neutral 20% 0%
Discouraged 10% +30%
Outlawed 5% +60%

Special Notes

  • Gaolers will automatically track the last ransom broker location they've encountered.
  • Gaolers will automatically sell prisoners to ransom brokers whenever you enter a town one is located at. This can be disabled by altering the mode setting for the Gaoler in the main Mod Options.