The warden, the jailer, the guard. Many names describe the function of the party Gaoler. The primary purpose for assigning a companion to this role is for them to handle the detention and later sale of prisoners without you needing to micro-manage them. Once assigned it is their Prisoner Management skill that is used for determining maximum prisoner capacity instead of your own.


Role Tasks

Ability 1

Replaces the player's prisoner management skill for determining the maximum prisoner capacity of the party.

Ability 2

Based upon your Gaoler Mode setting, this companion automatically sells any non-hero prisoners held in the party upon arrival in a town with a ransom broker available. The gaoler will receive at 15% cut of the profits as experience.

Ability 3

Based upon your Gaoler Mode setting, this companion will automatically transfer any prisoners currently held by the party into the dungeon of a castle or town that you own.