Serving as the chef of your party, the storekeeper handles purchase, storage and doling out of food for the troops. Purchasing is configured by use of a shopping list.


Role Tasks

Ability 1

The storekeeper holds all food stores for the party in their inventory. Their ability to store items is directly influenced by their skill in Inventory Management.

Ability 2

If enabled, automatically purchases food based upon your predetermined shopping list whenever you leave a town or village based upon stores available for purchase.

Ability 3

The storekeeper will automatically throw away any rotten food items in their inventory.

Requirements to Setup Food Purchasing

Step 1

The enable storekeeper auto-buy setting in the mod options must be enabled. This option can also be found on the Party Role UI. When assigning a companion to the Storekeeper role this option is automatically enabled.

Step 2

Within the Party Role UI, you must click the "Shopping List" button and configure the quantity and type of foods that you wish for your Storekeeper to purchase.

Special Notes

  • Companions assigned to the Storekeeper role will automatically earn bonus experience whenever food is consumed.
    • The Quick Study ability allows a companion to earn an additional 1% per 2 points of Intelligence on top of any bonus experience the role normally provides.
  • When a companion is assigned to the Storekeeper role:
    • The Chef ability improves the morale bonus of food by 2.5% per point of Trade.
    • The Chef ability improves the number of soldiers the same amount of food can support by 25%.
    • The Useful Contacts ability reduces the cost of food by 4% per point of Trade.