Royal Decrees

Part of the Kingdom Management System, royal decrees represent orders that you command as the leader of a faction to deal with short term issues. Some of these effects are quite powerful, but come at a price making it important to know when to activate it and how long to leave it active. There are a few decrees where it makes sense to leave them enabled at all times because they are a simple toggle option that has minor pros and cons.

Current Decrees

1 Mandatory Conscription This will heavily boost the number of recruits available from villages, but damages the fief's prosperity and your relation with them.
2 Code of Law (Common) Improving the quality of life for your citizens means they'll approve of your rule and prosperity will increase, but income from the center will be reduced to pay for it.
3 Code of Law (Nobility) Restricting the actions of your nobles is beneficial for your kingdom and earns the approval of your citizens, but many nobles will object.
4 War Taxation In times of war it is sometimes necessary to levy higher taxes upon your subjects, but with each week those fiefs will have their prosperity lessened and will grow weary of your rule.
5 Sanitation Standards Ensuring that the local drinking water supplies remain untainted will increase the prosperity of your fiefs, but requires a portion of their income to pay for it.
6 Period of Reconstruction Following a period of war it may be necessary to focus all efforts on rebuilding.  While in such a period all income you would have received from fiefs is instead channeled directly into their own recovery.
7 Public Executions A gruesome reminder can often keep citizens from turning to banditry, but they do not generally take kindly to seeing their relatives displayed so.