Factions of Silverstag

All of the faction troops are currently reworked as of 0.26. The Silverstag diplomacy system has some unique changes that should be noted. Part of the diplomacy system is the Domestic Policies that can affect how your kingdom behaves as a culture and each of the standard factions have been given policies to make their personalities a little more unique.

Kingdom of Swadia

The Kingdom of Swadia is led by King Harlaus with Lady Isolla of Suno claiming rightful succession of the crown. Holding the central lands in the Swadian plains leaves this kindom flanked by rivals on all sides.
Kingdom swadia

Kingdom of Vaegirs

The Kingdom of the Vaegirs is led by King Yaroglek with Prince Valdym the Bastard claiming rightful succession of the crown. Controlling the frozen tundra of the northeast the chief rivals for the Vaegirs lie in their neighboring Nords to the west and Khergits to the south.
Kingdom vaegirs

Khergit Khanate

The Khergit Khanate is led by Sanjar Khan with Dustum Khan claiming rightful succession of the crown. Living within the steppes to the eastern rim of Calradia these nomadic tribesmen have settled into the region making enemies of the Vaegirs in the north and the Sultanate in the south.
Khergit khanate

Kingdom of Nords

The Kingdom of the Nords is led by King Ragnar with Lethwin Far-Seeker claiming rightful succession of the crown. The Nords have claimed the coastline of Argad Bay as their home and defend it from constant encroachment by the Swadians to the south and the Vaegirs to the east.
Kingdom nords

Kingdom of Rhodoks

The Kingdom of the Rhodoks is led by King Graveth with Lord Kastor of Veluca claiming rightful succession of the crown. While Rhodoks share may similarities to their neighbors, the Kingdom of Swadia, the differences in idealogy keep these two neighbors at each others throats. To complicate this is their constant need to defend their highland territory from the invading Sarranid to the south.
Kingdom rhodoks

Sarranid Sultanate

The Sarranid Sultanate is led by Sultan Hakim with Arwa the Pearled One claiming rightful succession of the crown. Sheltered within the shifting sands of the Sarrdak Desert these nomads enjoy relative safety from invasion, yet engage in regular skirmishes with their neighbors, the Kingdom of the Rhodoks in the northwest and the Khergit Khanate north of the mountains.
Sarranid sultanate