One of the ways in which you may customize your personal character and those of your companions is done with a number of skills we are able to choose.  These are found on your character screen.


Character screen.

As you progress you will find that some skills are fairly necessary whilst others simply lend towards a specific role.

Skills are also separated into leader, personal or group.  A leader skill, as you might guess, will only affect the leader of a troop (usually yourself).  A personal skill affects only the character receiving the skill.  

Group skills are slightly different as the skill of the highest party member (player or companion) is used as the base skill value.  This is then modified based upon the player's skill level according to the following schedule:

Player skill 0-1, the bonus is 0
Player skill 2-4, the bonus is +1
Player skill 5-7, the bonus is +2
Player skill 8-9, the bonus is +3
Player skill 10, the bonus is +4 

The numbers in the party screen for the group skill in question represent the individual skill level used as a base followed by a plus indicating bonuses applied to that base score due to leader bonuses.

Examples: A player has a pathfinding skill of 1. This is modified by +1 for carrying a Cartographer's Guide to Calradia and by a further +2 for employing 10 Dhirim Light Cavalry for a total individual value of 4, the highest in the party. This is then modified by +1 as a leader bonus to a group skill for a total adjusted value of 5. In the party screen, this is represented by a reported score of 4 (+1). Similarly, if a companion has an individual score of 4 and the player has an individual score of 2, the companion's 4 (as the highest rating) would be taken as the base group score, modified by +1 for the player's individual score of 2, again giving a total adjusted group value of 5 reported in the party screen as 4 (+1).

Ironflesh Strength Improves the durability of your character.
Power Strike Strength Increases the potency of your melee attacks.
Power Throw Strength Increases the potency and accuracy of your ranged attacks with thrown weapons.
Power Draw Strength Increases the potency and accuracy of your ranged attacks with a bow.
Shield Strength Increases the coverage and durability of your shield.
Weapon Master Agility Increases the maximum amount you can improve proficiencies for the various weapon types outside of combat.
Athletics Agility Improves your character's running speed.
Riding Agility Improves your mounts manueverability.
Horse Archery Agility Improves your accuracy firing a ranged weapon while mounted.
Looting Agility Improves the quality and quantity of loot found after battle.
Trainer Intelligence Reduces the cost of hiring new men.
Tracking Intelligence Displays tracks for nearby armies and their numbers.
Tactics Intelligence Allows for more troops to be fielded when you're out numbered.
Path-finding Intelligence Increases your party's movement speed on the world map.
Spotting Intelligence Increases the distance at which you can see other parties traveling on the world map.
Inventory Management Intelligence Increases your character's inventory space.
Wound Treatment Intelligence Improves the healing rate of your wounded.
Surgery Intelligence Reduces the chance that your troops will be killed in battle, instead making them wounded.
First Aid Intelligence Improves the health of you and your companions after a battle.
Engineer Intelligence Reduces the cost of building improvements and speeds the process of laying siege to a location.
Persuasion Charisma Improves the chance of convincing a lord or companion to do what you want.
Prisoner Management Charisma Increases the number of prisoners your party can maintain and reduces the chance of captive lords escaping.
Leadership Charisma Increases the number of men you can command and improves your party's morale.
Trade Charisma Improves your ability to haggle for a better price when buying or selling items.