Combat Sprinting

All troops, both player and AI, can make short duration sprints on the battlefield to close the gap between them and another attacker. This is done largely to provide a small boost to infantry in reaching an archer shooting at them a little quicker or avoiding a cavalry charge coming their way. An AI troop will generally reserve the ability to sprint until it is just within the range that it can sprint right to its target.

Using Combat Sprinting

There are a few things that need to be set in order to use sprinting in combat, however, these are turned on by default. For a new game these options should already be configured so that you can easily use this ability and I'll explain their default settings below.

Mod Option

Under the "Change Game Settings" menu option from the "Camp" menu there is an checkbox labeled Enable Combat Sprinting that must be checked as on. By default this is enabled.

Key Configuration

With the same mod options page there is a "Key Settings" button. On the key configuration menu there is an option labeled Sprint that is set to the Left Control key by default. Clicking this option allows you to change this key to a different button.


In order to sprint in combat you must not be mounted.

How Sprinting Works


Your speed is a combination of your Agility attribute and Athletics skill. The base equation is (Agility + Athletics*3) + 130 = sprint speed (against a normal speed of 100%). This grants a possible range of 134% to 190% of normal speed.  This speed is limited to a maximum of 180%.

Stamina / Duration

Your sprinting duration is tied directly to your stamina. As long as you have stamina remaining then you can sprint as often as you choose.

Stamina Recovery

Stamina begins to recover after 8 seconds of not sprinting at a rate of 0.25 stamina per second. This is further increased by +0.05 stamina per second per rank of the Athletics skill.

Silverstag Abilities

Sprinting can also be influenced by the following abilities:

  • Sprinter - Increases actual running speed and maximum running speed, but increases stamina loss rate.
  • Endurance - Increases your maximum stamina, but lowers your maximum speed.
  • Boundless Endurance - Increase both running speed and maximum stamina.
  • Second Wind - Resets a troop's stamina recovery cooldown and grants stamina upon defeating an enemy.