This mod represents a complete overhaul of the native tournament system. The system for winning tournaments no longer relies primarily on surviving to be the "last man standing". Instead you earn points (which are explained below) based upon performance with the winner being the participant with the most points accumulated. After a tournament match you will be directed to the post-combat ranking screen that shows how everyone has performed on the current round and can be resorted to show total tournament rankings. Being knocked out in a tournament match will no longer cause disqualification or end the current round. Your team may still continue on to win the round.


The AI participants have been substantially improved in capability. Their selection of equipment is just as equally improved as your own and they will more dynamically switch between ranged and melee weapons.


Tournament Awards - small

Tournament standing is now tracked by individual participant score instead of simple survival. This ensures that performance is the key factor in tournament ranking over simply being the last person standing. You can increase your score by a number of ways:

  • Defeating an opponent gains you 1 point.
  • Surviving to the end of a round gains you 2 points.
  • Being a member of the highest scoring team of a round gains you 1 point.


1.4.7 betting

The betting system has been completely overhauled from native design. You no longer need to set a bet prior to the match. Your persistent bet setting in the options panel will be applied at the start of every match as long as you have the funds required. Bets are now paid out each round based upon matching or exceeding your "bid" number of points and surviving the round. This reduces the "all or nothing" design and makes bets a bit more about your own performance. The payout value is influenced by the amount you wager, the amount you bid and how hard it is to acquire your bid based upon enemies available and difficulty slider setting.


Tournament winners

Tournament winners screen

Final rewards are granted to the top three placing participants of a tournament. All three characters get increase in renown and experience. Winning a tournament will now give you a change in reputation with every lord and lady present at the town based upon your current relation, their personality and your gender.

Tournament prize

Tournament prize selection

If player wins a tournament he is given a choice from a range of items of one type (for example - shields) from which he can choose his reward. The minimum and maximum values of the items are determined by your tournament difficulty and level. If companion wins the tournament he does not get the item, he instead gets another portion of experience.

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