Troop Abilities

Several troops within the Silverstag setting have special, if not unique, abilities that can; enhance their performance in combat, provide battlefield support functions, increase their utility outside of combat or make them more reliable in terms of cost or loyalty. These abilities are reserved for troops that are considered "Unique" or "Affiliated" and are not considered part of the rating that decides which tier a troop is. Thus a tier 3 unique troop should be more beneficial to you than a tier 3 standard troop. Below is a list of all of the troop abilities that exist within the game and what kind of ability they are in very general terms.

Ability List

1 Shield Basher Grants a unit the ability to use shield bashing.
2 Endurance Improves a unit's running duration while sprinting.
3 Inspiring Improves the party morale.
4 Tax Collector Reduces tax inefficiency wherever the unit is garrisoned.
5 Commanding Presence Improves the Health Regeneration of nearby units.
6 Hardy Improves the Health Regeneration of this troop.
7 Agile Rider Negates the chance of falling damage from being unhorsed.
8 Sprinter Improves a unit's speed while sprinting.
9 Dedicated Improves the troop's contribution to Party Unity for morale.
10 Devoted Reduces the required wages for a troop.
11 Loyal Reduces the chance a troop will desert when morale is low.
12 Hunter Provides a chance for finding food instead of using stores.
13 Supply Runner Helps restock ranged troops during combat.
14 Berserker Grants additional health during combat.
15 Boundless Endurance Improves a unit's speed and duration during sprinting.
16 Tactician Improves the damage of nearby units.
17 Trailblazer Increaess the party's movement speed out of combat.
18 Bloodlust Improves a troops damage at the price of accuracy during combat.
19 Fortitude Reduces the effects of combat hampering due to damage.
20 Volley Commander Improves the accuracy of nearby ranged troops during combat.
21 Sharpshooter Improves the accuracy of this troop while wielding a ranged weapon.
22 Scavenger Improves the quantity and quality of loot found after combat.
23 Quick Study Accelerates book reading and experience gaining for a companion.
24 Watchful Eye Improves the party's prisoner capacity.
25 Escape Artist Allows a companion to escape from captivity.
26 Administrator Increases a companion's abilities as an advisor.
27 Engineer Increases a companion's abilities as a Castle Steward.
28 Siege General Increases a companion's abilities as a Captain of the Guard.
29 Master Archer Increases a troop's damage while wielding a bow.
30 Efficient Increases a companion's abilities as a Castle Steward.
31 Chef Increases a companion's abilities as Storekeeper.
32 Useful Contacts Increases a companion's abilities in any Party Role.
33 Blademaster Increases a troop's damage when wielding a melee cutting weapon.
34 Cargomaster Increases a companion's abilities as Quartermaster.
35 Graceful Rider Reduces the chance a mounted troop will receive bonus pike damage.